L298N Dual DC Motor Driver

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This module can drive either 2 DC motors or 1 Stepper motor.

The L298 Driver is a high voltage, high current dual ful bridge driver designed to accept standard TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads such relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors. Two enable inputs are provided to enable or disable the device independently of the input signals. The emitters of the lower transistors of each bridge are connected together the corresponding external terminal can be used for the connection of an external sensing resistor.


  • MCU controlled vehicle.
  • Arduino Based Robot Car.
  • Driving Stepper Motor
  • Driving DC Motor.
  • L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver Module Controller Board For Arduino
  • Using L298N as the control chip,the module has such characteristics as strong driving ability,low calorific value and strong anti-interference ability. This module can use built-in 78M05 for electric work via a driving power supply part. But to avoid the damage of the voltage stabilizing chip, please use an external 5V logic supply when using more than 12V driving voltage. Using large capacity filter capacitor, this module can follow current to protect diodes,and improve the reliability.
  • Feature:L298N Double H Bridge Motor Driver Module Control chip
  • L298N Logical voltage: 5V Drive voltage: 5V – 35V
  • Logical current: 0mA – 36mA Drive current: 2A(MAX single bridge)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +135°C
  • Max power: 25W
  • Size: 43 x 43 x 27mm